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At Mission Wellness Pharmacy, our goal is to optimize our patient’s health and the outcomes of their medication plans in order to reach their health and wellness goals. Our experienced and compassionate staff offers consultation, support, and the individualized attention you need no matter what medication you have been prescribed. Our team is specially trained in HIV and hepatitis C and can answer to all of your health care needs. As a specialty pharmacy in the Bay Area, we are able to handle complex medical conditions while providing specialized patient and clinical support to ensure that each person we help receives the best care possible.

We understand that facing severe health issues causes physical and emotional stress. We not only provide the latest medications to treat issues such as cancer, hemophilia, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, and rheumatoid arthritis, but we work directly with each patient to support and advocate for every journey toward recovery and health.

Our specialty pharmacy works alongside medical professionals to provide our patients with:

  • Detailed and easy to understand instructions on how to take each medication we provide you
  • Research-based information about the potential side effects you may encounter with each medication
  • Tips on how to manage possible side effects
  • Availability to adjust your medication’s dosage with the guidance of your doctor in order to provide the most effective treatment plan possible

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Mission Wellness Pharmacy provides our patients with the highest quality support, resources, and medications available. We are available for support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and accept all major and private insurances.

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Patient Testimonials

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"This is a location that I strongly suggest! My health-related purchase was a huge success. I have full faith in the item I selected. As a result of living a healthier lifestyle, I've gained confidence. The best part about this store was that they had on board certified pharmacists who were willing to support us."
Yelp Review
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"Fantastic service, easy to use. Came in for my COVID-19 booster and got everything for paperwork done online. No wait to check in on a Saturday, and I was in-and-out before my appointment was even scheduled! Thoroughly recommended, painless experience!"
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"Excellent pharmacy. I switched from another pharmacy on the basis of my Clinicians' advice and Mission Wellness really do go above and beyond. Highly recommended."
Yelp Review
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"It's remarkable how efficient they are here. No fuss over being fancy. Just competent people, friendly environment, clean older building, and easy access. It checks all the boxes."
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"The staff are wonderful! I never had any problem getting my refills. The staff are always very helpful they answer all my questions. I am so glad I came to this pharmacy."
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"Lovely neighborhood resource for vaccinations and health information."
Yelp Review
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"I've been aquatinted with this pharmacy for many years. It's a specialized pharmacy, small business, and they do a lot of work for the community...
It took about 10min to sign in and get the shot. I highly recommend this place for Covid-19 vaccine."