About Mission Wellness Pharmacy

A Specialty Pharmacy in the Mission District of San Francisco, CA


Welcome to Mission Wellness Pharmacy. We have been proudly serving the Mission District and the greater San Francisco Bay Area since 1978. Beginning in 2005, we have focused on specialty medications, including those to treat, transplant, HIV, hepatitis, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, to name a few. Our staff is trained in handling complex therapies, and we strive to provide specialized patient and clinical support. We are here to help you get the timely treatment and assistance you need.


Since 2016, we have partnered with the San Francisco Department of Public Health to become the first pharmacy in California to provide hepatitis C testing, followed by additional expansion into HIV Prevention. Our site was the model site for SB159, having been the first stand-alone pharmacy in California to initiate PrEP and PEP with a collaborative practice agreement.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mission Wellness was a leader in providing COVID Testing and vaccines throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We believe therapies are important life-changing tools and that pharmacists are medication experts who are accessible front-line providers. Because pharmacists can help decrease infectious disease outbreaks, we offer testing and prevention services.

We offer a variety of COVID services:

Services We Offer

PReP & Pep
for HIV Prevention

Much more


You can come to us without having to worry about insurance matters because we accept all kinds of insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid (Medi-Cal), ADAP, and all private insurance plans. We also offer coordination of benefits services for your convenience. We wish to make your visit to our pharmacy as smooth and seamless as possible.

Specialized Prescription Services

We offer a variety of specialized prescriptions services, including delivery and packaging options that meet your needs.

The specialty prescription timeline

  • Step 1: Ordering Your Prescription

    The first step almost always involves your doctor, physician, or healthcare provider. Once diagnosed with a chronic condition, your doctor (or you) will contact us to recommend and order a specialty prescription.

  • Step 2: Dropping-Off Your Prescription

    Once we receive your prescription order, we immediately begin the process of filling your prescription. We speed up the process by directly communicating with your insurance provider and your doctor. We work on your behalf to ensure we have the required authorizations and verifications to dispense and fill your medicine.

  • Step 3: Benefits Investigation

    Unlike traditional prescriptions, filling specialty prescriptions will take additional steps and more time. For this reason, we will need additional information regarding insurance coverage and / or previous medical conditions. We work diligently to understand your benefits, work with your insurance company for authorization, and confirm any specific instructions from your provider.

  • Step 4: Authorize Your Prescription

    At Mission Wellness Pharmacy, medications can be dispensed in a packing method that is most convenient for you. From bottled medications to WellnessPak or Bubble Packs, we want to make sure your medication is dispensed in a way that is most effective for your unique lifestyle.

  • Step 5: Prescription Pick-Up and Consultation

    When your prescription is authorized, we will call to schedule your pick-up time. If for any reason your prescription has been denied, we will help you further in appealing the decision and obtaining the medication you need for effective treatment. When you receive your prescription, your pharmacist will answer any questions you may have regarding your daily regimen for treatment and adherence.

  • Step 6: Specialty Prescription Education

    Taking specialty medications may be more complicated than other prescriptions, especially if the medication is new to you. This is exactly why education and health literacy is so important in your treatment. As extended members of your healthcare team, we discuss proper prescription administration, adverse side-effects, and relevant costs.

  • Step 7: On-Going Support and Assistance

    At Mission Wellness, we take pride in taking the additional steps that most other specialty pharmacies do not offer. All of our patients are contacted by their pharmacist to address any additional areas of concern that arise during treatment, including prescription adherence, and promoting the importance of continued medication education.