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patient wellness is our mission


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PReP & Pep
for HIV Prevention

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Welcome to Mission Wellness Pharmacy

At Mission Wellness Pharmacy, we partner with you to ensure a smooth, stress-free process when filling your prescription. We get your prescriptions to you in a timely, convenient, and affordable manner. We are much more than just a pharmacy. We are a specialty pharmacy committed to providing the best patient care, compassionate service, and expert advice. Since 2005, we have proudly served patients and healthcare professionals throughout California.

Because we genuinely care about each and every one of our patients, Mission Wellness Pharmacy is focused on providing the highest quality of specialty pharmacy services at the most affordable prices. If you are managing a serious illness, such as Cancer, Hepatitis, or HIV, you will need specialized medications. Unfortunately, the process of obtaining a specialized medication often is much more complex and time-consuming than a regular prescription. Learn more about the prescription-filling process, detailed below.

-Maria I. Lopez, PharmD

"Our commitment is to continuously improve our service to you every day."

Our Mission & Vision

Mission Wellness Pharmacy's mission is to provide the highest quality healthcare products and services to our community while ensuring exceptional customer service and personalized care. We are committed to promoting wellness and empowering our customers to make informed decisions about their health.

Our vision is to be a trusted partner in our community's health and well-being, offering innovative solutions and compassionate care. We strive to continuously improve our services and maintain a welcoming, inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Professional Staff

Our staff is specially trained and can answer all of your healthcare needs and questions. As a specialty pharmacy located in the heart of the Bay Area, we are able to handle complex medical conditions while providing specialized patient and clinical support to ensure optimal health care and patient service.

If you are in need of a prescription, or if you have questions regarding your specific treatment options, call our pharmacy at 800-860-8984.

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Patient Testimonials

Google Review
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"This is a location that I strongly suggest! My health-related purchase was a huge success. I have full faith in the item I selected. As a result of living a healthier lifestyle, I've gained confidence. The best part about this store was that they had on board certified pharmacists who were willing to support us."
Yelp Review
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"Fantastic service, easy to use. Came in for my COVID-19 booster and got everything for paperwork done online. No wait to check in on a Saturday, and I was in-and-out before my appointment was even scheduled! Thoroughly recommended, painless experience!"
Google Review
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"Excellent pharmacy. I switched from another pharmacy on the basis of my Clinicians' advice and Mission Wellness really do go above and beyond. Highly recommended."
Yelp Review
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"It's remarkable how efficient they are here. No fuss over being fancy. Just competent people, friendly environment, clean older building, and easy access. It checks all the boxes."
Google Review
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"The staff are wonderful! I never had any problem getting my refills. The staff are always very helpful they answer all my questions. I am so glad I came to this pharmacy."
Google Review
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"Lovely neighborhood resource for vaccinations and health information."
Yelp Review
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"I've been aquatinted with this pharmacy for many years. It's a specialized pharmacy, small business, and they do a lot of work for the community...
It took about 10min to sign in and get the shot. I highly recommend this place for Covid-19 vaccine."

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Is PrEP Right for you?

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is a medication regimen that HIV-negative individuals can take to reduce their risk of becoming infected with HIV. PrEP involves taking a daily pill that contains two antiretroviral medications, tenofovir, and emtricitabine.

When taken consistently and as directed, PrEP can greatly reduce the risk of acquiring HIV from sexual contact or injection drug use. PrEP does not protect against other sexually transmitted infections, and it is important to use condoms and other prevention methods in combination with PrEP.

PrEP is recommended for individuals at high risk of HIV, such as those with a partner who is HIV-positive or those who engage in high-risk behaviors. It is important to speak with a healthcare provider about PrEP and to undergo regular HIV testing while taking it.

The specialty prescription timeline

  • Step 1: Ordering Your Prescription

    The first step almost always involves your doctor, physician, or healthcare provider. Once diagnosed with a chronic condition, your doctor (or you) will contact us to recommend and order a specialty prescription.

  • Step 2: Dropping-Off Your Prescription

    Once we receive your prescription order, we immediately begin the process of filling your prescription. We speed up the process by directly communicating with your insurance provider and your doctor. We work on your behalf to ensure we have the required authorizations and verifications to dispense and fill your medicine.

  • Step 3: Benefits Investigation

    Unlike traditional prescriptions, filling specialty prescriptions will take additional steps and more time. For this reason, we will need additional information regarding insurance coverage and / or previous medical conditions. We work diligently to understand your benefits, work with your insurance company for authorization, and confirm any specific instructions from your provider.

  • Step 4: Authorize Your Prescription

    At Mission Wellness Pharmacy, medications can be dispensed in a packing method that is most convenient for you. From bottled medications to WellnessPak or Bubble Packs, we want to make sure your medication is dispensed in a way that is most effective for your unique lifestyle.

  • Step 5: Prescription Pick-Up and Consultation

    When your prescription is authorized, we will call to schedule your pick-up time. If for any reason your prescription has been denied, we will help you further in appealing the decision and obtaining the medication you need for effective treatment. When you receive your prescription, your pharmacist will answer any questions you may have regarding your daily regimen for treatment and adherence.

  • Step 6: Specialty Prescription Education

    Taking specialty medications may be more complicated than other prescriptions, especially if the medication is new to you. This is exactly why education and health literacy is so important in your treatment. As extended members of your healthcare team, we discuss proper prescription administration, adverse side-effects, and relevant costs.

  • Step 7: On-Going Support and Assistance

    At Mission Wellness, we take pride in taking the additional steps that most other specialty pharmacies do not offer. All of our patients are contacted by their pharmacist to address any additional areas of concern that arise during treatment, including prescription adherence, and promoting the importance of continued medication education.